How to Professionally Curl Your Lashes – the Right Way

Have you ever taken your eyelash curler, opened it, inserted it against your lashes and squeezed it expecting to come away with perfectly fluttery, wide-awake lashes? Have you instead come away with lashes that looked like they had suffered some kind of accident in a crimper? For many people, the latter is often the case.

Here are tips for getting your lashes curled right just like a professional would do. These are tips that most professional makeup artists recommend.

Get the Right Curler

First, be sure that you are using a high-quality eyelash curler. A cheap tool is not going to be helpful in getting you the perfect, full lashes that you are after once they are curled. If you think you are spending a lot of money on it, just consider buying it as an investment in your beauty arsenal. You will be able to get a lifetime of use out of a quality curler.

Hold the Curler Correctly

If you are new to an eyelash curler, just think of holding them exactly the way you would hold a pair of scissors. Open them and close them a few times to get the feel of how the tool works if you need to.

Curl the Lashes Properly

Open the curler and slide it to the very root of the lashes. Before you close the curler, make sure all lashes are within the curler itself. If they are not, this will cause some of them to be curled and some to stick out the wrong way.

You want to then press and hold the curler down for about three seconds. Release the curler and slide it closer to the tip and press and hold again. Repeat this process until you get to the tips of the lashes. When you are done, repeat the process with the other eye.

Always curl the lashes before you apply any eye makeup. Some people do prefer to use the curler as an added way to set eyelashes that have had mascara applied to them. As long as you are alright with some of the mascara being left behind on the curler’s cushion that is fine.

However, make absolutely sure that you clean the cushion with rubbing alcohol before using it again. Alternatively, you can replace the cushion which you should do on a regular basis anyway.


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