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by Anonymous on Idol Lash

I looooove Idol lash! I just wish it was a little cheaper since I go through about a bottle a month. This serum really does work! I've been using it since May of 2012, it took about 3-4 months to notice a difference.

by Anonymous on Idol Lash
Beautiful Lashes!

I was first on Latisse, which I was able to purchase at wholesale price but to me was still expensive! I decided to give Idol Lash a shot and glad I did, it does a wonderful if not better job for me than the Latisse at half the cost.This is my second purchase, after I had my first for a year! As I learned how to use and when I needed to use it! After I got my eyelashes to their desired length, I was just down to 2-3 times a week apply it, which made it last a year!!! I'll use it for 12 weeks straight everyday twice a day, then down to my maintenance 2 - 3 times a week!!!Great price with great results!!!

by Anonymous on Idol Lash
I absolutely love what Idol Lash has done for my eyelashes!

I used to have beautiful, long eyelashes and got TONS of compliments on them. But after years of mascara abuse, my eyelashes became sparse, thin, and barely noticeable even with mascara on. But now after using Idol Lash twice, sometimes three times a day for a month or so my long eyelashes are back!!! I'm so happy!!! I literally can't stop looking at them and playing with them in the mirror! I put mascara on for the first time in a while the other day and my eyes were absolutely GORGEOUS! No, I didn't follow the directions and applied it more often than the directions said but I figured if it worked for others it would work for me. I haven't experienced ANY side effects yet and I still have the same bottle after a month. The only thing I have to say is that right after I apply it to my eyes I get this numb, tingly feeling (maybe cause I'm applying too much?) and when I lay down with it on it sometimes leaks into my eyes and BURNS. This happens when I cry with it on as well (I cry a lot). But I always reapply it after I'm done crying. The burning is tolerable though, it isn't too bad. I'd say it's well worth the price because my eyelashes haven't been this long in a while. The areas on my eyelids where I had barely any before are filling in and my lashes are twice as long! I guess it isn't for everyone though judging by the other reviews. But I'm glad I bought it!

by Anonymous on Idol Lash

Works, this is my 2nd order. I ordered 1 for my mom. When I run out I will most certainly purchase this product again.

by Anonymous on Idol Lash
More lashes!

I love this product! I didn't notice a difference in the length or thickness, but I definitely have been growing more lashes. There's so many now that I've stopped wearing mascara. Just an eyelash curler is all I need to feel like my lashes look great.

by Anonymous on Idol Lash

I have been using idol lash for a ong time and want to say it really works. My lashs were so short on my left side that even when I found them to put mascara on it was a problem. Now they are long and it makes me feel so much better. I even had to buy an eyelash curler. They did not get thicker as nothing really can make them thicker but they are a lot longer. Thank you

by Anonymous on Idol Lash

Considering everyone has different chemistry, this product works best for me. If it doesn't work for you, try all of them. One will work.

by Amazon Customer on Idol Lash
It works for me!

I'm 48 and on my second tube of idol lash. I bought the first tube 6 weeks ago and used it consistently every night. I love my new long eyelashes!

by Y.M on Idol Lash
Five Stars

I love it!! My eyelashes is more grow up longer than before use.

by joan faber on Idol Lash
Five Stars

My eyelashes did really grow back quicker and thicker using this product

by Anonymous on Idol Lash
Excellent product

I started loosing my eyelashes due to stress & asked around about regrowth products. Someone suggested Idol Lash, so I purchased it. It has been about 4 weeks & combined with Biotin I have already seen a significant amount of growth. You can no longer tell I had lost almost all of my lashes. Only gave 4 stars because I am not finished using it, still have 2-4 weeks to go. Definitely recommend it!

by Momto2 on Idol Lash
Works after 5 weeks

I can not use mascara regularly since it irritated my eyes so I purchased this to lengthen my lashes. It really works! I have not used other lash enhancers since I was afraid of the side effects since I have sensitive eyes but this works well with sensitive eyes. I did not see it doing anything until the 3rd week it started to look longer and thicker and at week 5 it is nice and long.

by Tootiewootie on Idol Lash
Miracle Worker

I used this stuff two times, and my lashes grew like weeds. Expensive but did miracles formy sparse lashes. There is a lot in the tube. They seem thicker, but in length, they growfast. Would buy it again.